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Pre-Irish Classes Specifically Designed for Ages 3 to 5

A magical & unique 8-10 week class session for ages 3 to 5 that leads up to performing in our annual Recital!

Innovation, imagination, creativity galore -- our Pre-Irish classes are like no others!

Pre-Irish is Non-Stop Fun!

We utilize a unique class structure that helps children learn how to be successful in a classroom environment, to interact positively with classmates and teachers, and to experience a dynamic blend of physical, mental, and musical activities. Students learn basic Irish dancing movements and technique, and we practice numbers (including counting to ten in Irish!), letters, shapes, colors, and musical exercises. Students gain balance and coordination, switching between exciting activities and engaging class props. We build confidence with our encouraging teaching style, so our students bounce out of each class smiling and excited for next time! We finish by performing a special routine together at our wonderful annual dance Recital!


Performing a Special Recital Routine

Our Pre-Irish students get to learn a special routine that they get an opportunity to perform in the end-of-season Recital (not at all high-pressure, and of course it's all about fun!) It's possibly the cutest thing you'll see all year, and it's such a valuable experience for young kids. Preparing the routine takes lots of practice, and getting on stage is a big deal to our littlest performers. They'll get a special Pre-Irish costume for their show! Plus, they get to see the older and advanced dancers perform at Recital. We look forward to it every year!

Pre-Irish Session Info

  • Exact dates and times for the Pre-Irish class session and the Recital will be confirmed in early spring of 2024. Join the waiting list to be emailed!

  • Tuition will be confirmed with the dates, but should be around $30 per class, plus a Recital fee and a costume fee. 

  • Our Pre-Irish Session will be offered in Portland at our dance studio inside The Children's Gym (1625 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232).


This session is such a wonderful introduction to Irish dancing and performing! Our Pre-Irish classes have performed in our Recital for many years, and it always steals the show, as all the families in the audience are so encouraging, and the older dancers love to see the youngest dancers on stage!

Ready to Sign Up?

Join the Waiting List to be emailed in early spring when all details are confirmed and enrollment will open! You'll be able to decide then if you would like enroll or not. Spots are limited. 

Check out this super fun Irish Dance movie!


If you haven't watched this movie yet, it's a must-see for you and your little one! Riverdance: The Animated Adventure was released in the US on Netflix in January of 2022 and quickly hit the Top 10 on Netflix's Most Watched in 71 countries PLUS Top 2 on Netflix in Kids Content in the US! It will have your little one dancing nonstop!

Featuring an original score from Grammy Award winning composer Bill Whelan, it stars an impressive Irish voice cast including Pierce Brosnan, John Kavanagh, Brendan Gleeson and Aisling Bea. Faithful to its roots, it also features the dancers’ incredible craft and skill, by utilising motion capture of their performances to create the animated dancing in the film. 

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure follows an Irish boy named Keegan (Sam Hardy) and a Spanish girl named Moya (Hannah Herman Cortes) as they journey into the mythical world of the legendary Megaloceros Giganteus, who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life. The film also stars Lilly Singh, Jermaine Fowler and Pauline McLynn and features a brand-new single by Ireland’s musical sensation, Lyra.

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