Pre-Irish Classes Specifically Designed for Ages 3 & 4

Innovation, imagination, creativity galore -- our Pre-Irish classes are like no others!

55 Minutes of Non-Stop Fun!

We utilize a unique class structure that helps children learn how to be successful in a classroom environment, to interact positively with classmates and teachers, and to experience a unique physical, mental, and musical activity. Students learn basic Irish dancing movements and technique, and we practice numbers (including counting to ten in Irish!), letters, and musical exercises. Students gain balance and coordination, switching quickly between exciting activities and engaging class props. We build confidence with our encouraging teaching style, so our students bounce out of each class smiling and excited for next time!

Performing a Special Recital Routine

As if all that wasn't more than enough fun, our Pre-Irish students also learn a special routine that they perform in the end-of-season Recital. It's possibly the cutest thing you'll see all year, and it's such a valuable experience for them! Preparing the routine takes months of practice, and getting on stage is a big deal to our littlest performers. We look forward to it every year!



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