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Check out some fantastic Irish dancing videos!

We have linked some really cool and fun Irish dancing videos for you, enjoy!


Irish dancing 'technique' refers to how Irish dancers move. At OIDA, we break it down for students into 10 technical elements: timing, rhythm, lift, volume, crossing, turn out, toes, extension, posture, and stage presence. Learn more about each technical element below...


Irish dancing is world renowned for its beautiful music, unlike any other! Irish dancers learn to execute dance moves that leave the floor and land on the floor with the beat of the music. This means that Irish dancers gain an incredible musical experience, as well as physical and mental exercise. At OIDA, we introduce dancers to 8 different dances each with their own music: Reel (4/4), Single Jig (6/8), Light Jig (6/8), Slip Jig (9/8), Treble Reel (4/4), Hornpipe (2/4), Heavy Jig (6/8), and Traditional Sets (varied).


Irish dancing became a household name in 1994 when Riverdance premiered. Since then, countless Irish dance stage shows have taken the stage, touring the world and creating an industry and a future for Irish dancers around the globe!


Irish dancing has been around for hundreds of years and has a complex and vibrant history. Originally a social dance form, it has evolved in many different forms: step dancing, ceili, set dancing, festival dancing, etc. There is something for everyone!


Irish dancing is well known around the world in its competitive form as well as its wonderful stage shows (like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance). At OIDA, we have opted for a completely non-competitive approach, introducing the joy of Irish dancing to as many people as possible and creating performance opportunities for our students to showcase and share their talent!

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