Irish dancing is for everyone, and it's always a great time to start!



Enroll anytime! Our Adult Beginner/Intermediate class is designed for absolute beginners with a guided program for progression, so no dance experience of any kind is required! We know each student is different and everyone progresses at their own pace, so we make sure to challenge every dancer at their own level. You never have to worry about feeling behind or ahead of the class, as everyone will get to work on their own as well as in a group during class. We also keep class sizes small to make sure the instructor has time to work with each dancer individually.



Adults with previous experience in Irish dance are welcome to join our Advanced Adult Practice. One of the OIDA teachers supervises each practice, teaching choreography and guiding the practice. All the adults come from different backgrounds and experience levels, so we work in small groups on choreography of an appropriate difficulty level for each individual. So if you're just getting back in the swing of things, we'll start you on basic choreography to help you feel comfortable and confident. If you competed for years and need 'championship' level material to feel challenged, we can do that, too! This practice is temporarily on hold due to the pandemic, but we hope to start back up again soon! Contact us for more information.


Weekly & Monthly

Portland & Tualatin

Ceili is pronounced ‘kay-lee’ and is the Gaelic word referring to an evening gathering of friends sharing and enjoying traditional Irish music, song, dance, and fun! Ceili classes and events focus entirely on group style Irish dancing (similar to square dancing -- less footwork, more formations). It's a low-impact workout and a great social activity! The classes are drop-in style, and every dance is taught and explained before it's danced. These classes and events are for teens and adults -- no partner or experience is necessary!

 It's always the perfect time to start Irish dancing, and we design our classes to cater to the needs of every age, ability, and learning style. Irish dance has so many health benefits and is a fun, social form of exercise that builds strength, balance, coordination, and muscle tone, and increases flexibility. You might be taking class as a way to bond over Irish dance with your own little dancer, or you might be taking it to give yourself a new challenge and a fun hobby. Whatever your goal is, OIDA will provide you with a fun, quality outlet to accomplish it.

Oregon Irish Dance Academy - Adult Irish Dance Classes

Irish dancing is for all ages! It is a unique workout for both the body and the mind, and a ton of fun to boot! Continuously jumping and constantly lifting your legs builds incredible leg strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. The way Irish dancers hold their arms at their sides and up in group formations with proper poise and posture trains great mental discipline, physical control, and arm and core strength. Check out our New Student Special Offer and see for yourself!

Have questions? There's tons of helpful info in our 2021-22 Season Handbook and on our FAQ page, or contact us!