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Irish Dance Summer Camps for Beginners!

Three fun-filled days of Irish dancing, unique crafts, engaging activities, silly songs and stories, collecting camp beads, and so much more!

Enrollment is now open!

Click the button below to enroll in Summer Irish Dance Camps 2024!


The Children's Gym

1625 NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR 97232

(OIDA's entrance is the back door on 16th Ave)



10:00 am - 1:00 pm


(all 3 days)

2024 Camp Sessions:

July 9-10-11

July 16-17-18

July 30-31 & Aug 1

Aug 13-14-15

Aug 20-21-22



Check-in is from 10:00-10:05 am and check-out is from 12:55-1:00 pm.


Campers must enroll ahead of time and provide names of those approved to pick up their camper. We will require a matching photo ID to the name at check-out.


Camp tuition is charged at the time of enrollment, is non-refundable, and is non-transferable.


Tuition for our 2024 camp sessions is $280 total for the three days.

Yes Beginners!

Camp is an extra fun way for new students to try out Irish dancing, plus, an extra cool way for current students to keep learning! You get 3 days with all the same Irish dancing fun from class, but revamped into a magical, unique, and exciting summer camp experience!


(New beginners also get a FREE trial class with us anytime!)

Ages 5 to 10

Campers tend to have a more engaging and overall fun dance camp experience with smaller & similar age groups, so our camps are specially designed just for ages 5-10! We prioritize small groups and aim for a coach to camper ratio of 1 coach to every 8 campers!

Dance Camp is even better with friends - consider coordinating schedules with a buddy and signing up together!

No Dance Shoes


No dance shoes needed! Campers are welcome to do all the dance classes in socks, or if they happen to have some ballet, jazz, or tap shoes at home, those work great, too! Current OIDA students should have their Irish shoes.


If your child also wants to try weekly Irish dancing classes, we can help you get sorted with some dance shoes then!

Safety is #1


Safety is always our top priority. Our camp day is held entirely inside of The Children's Gym, which is a secure-access facility. Only current clients and staff are allowed inside, and staff manages the doors during all check-in/out times. Masks are optional, and campers are not required to be vaccinated. The facility recently updated its air filtration system, and we have an air purifier in the dance studio.



Light Shoe Lesson

Jump, jig, and learn to float across the floor! Light shoe is full of energy, height, and excitement! Campers get a light shoe lesson each camp session. Campers new to Irish dancing learn basic moves and patterns and are introduced to the 10 technical elements of how we dance. No dance shoes required!

Photo Aug 14, 2 41 27 PM.jpg

Heavy Shoe Lesson

Stomp, pound, crash, bang, boom! Campers get a chance to make noise, connect with the music, and feel the rhythm in their heavy shoe lesson. Campers new to Irish dancing learn basic moves and patterns and are introduced to the 10 technical elements of how we dance. Again, no dance shoes required for camp!

Photo Aug 17, 11 16 01 AM.jpg

Ceili Lesson

Ceili is an Irish word, pronounced kay-lee, that refers to social group dancing. Campers learn and dance these group routines with their friends to wonderful Irish music, and it is SO much fun! Ceili dancing dates back hundreds of years and brings a special element of tradition to our camp day! So fun & easy - no experience needed at all!


Craft Time

"You made this?!"

"How do you come up with these?!"

"OIDA always has the best crafts!"

Just a few common parent responses at pick-up time! At OIDA, we love-love-love craft time, and it shows! We even have the Craft Queen come help and guide craft time! Our crafts are quite creative and something special. You'll have to see them to believe them!

Photo Mar 26, 2 35 18 PM.jpg

Nonfire Bonfire

"The kids told me 'the parrot story' the whole car ride home!" ~ a common greeting we get from parents the second day of camp.

Inspired by our dear friends at CRC, Nonfire Bonfire has become a staple at Irish Dance Camp! We sing traditional Irish songs and some funny camp tunes, as well as tell some special campfire stories!

Photo Jun 22, 2 53 07 PM.jpg

Coloring Cafe

"Who is 'The Chef'?"

"What is the Daily Special?"

"The Chef" may become a household name for you once your dancer has been to our camp. We don't want to spoil all the surprises, so all we can tell you is the Coloring Cafe is an extremely popular activity in our camps -- your camper will explain the rest with their art!

Photo Jun 26, 12 06 44 PM (1).jpg

Engaging Classwork

In all of our kids' camps and classes, we love to use fun and engaging props and activities! Some of our unique camp classroom activities include custom sticker charts, mirror chalk markers, a piggy bank with dance coins, counter items, parachute time, and so much more! Some of these are exclusively for camp - your dancer won't want to miss this! Our camps are designed to be an excellent and extra-fun environment to start learning Irish dance - a great way to add something memorable to your kiddo's summer! 

Photo Dec 17, 12 04 03 PM (1).jpg

Games & Activities

We start each camp day with some free play in our gorgeously decorated camp room, providing Irish books in our rainbow reading corner plus an impressive array of adorable custom-made Irish games and puzzles. We'll then do some Team Time to get to know each other and get ready for our first activity! We also sneak in the occasional Irish limbo, Irish bingo, group games, and dance parties! We then start collecting our camp beads...


Collecting Beads

Campers go bonkers for our camp beads! Inspired by our own experiences at outdoor school as kids, campers can collect beads throughout each camp session! There are so many different types of beads: hearts, stars, flowers, even some extra special kinds! They're pretty cool, and the campers love sharing which beads they've collected over the years and what they represent - some even have jars full of our camp beads!


"I just had an hour and a half lesson from my 5 year old who has spent the last 3 days with Christina and Victoria. I have never seen her this intense about anything. It's because of Christina and Victoria, who combine talent, discipline, and skill in teaching with what seems to be an unlimited store of sunny sweetness. I don't have a particular connection to Irish dance, but I feel so lucky to be able to offer my daughter the influence of teachers who bring such joy to their work."


"The whole car ride home I heard "the parrot story" over and over. It's the little things like that that make OIDA's camps phenomenal. So many camps my kids try out are just daycare - Irish Dance Camp goes above and beyond to make camp fun. My girls always want to go back."


"This camp is incredible. It's not just learning to Irish dance, it's beads, "The Chef", ubby dubby, crafts -- the most awesome crafts! The point is, it's FUN. They fill a day for my daughters with fun activities that they talk my ear off about when they get home. We love OIDA!"


"My daughter asks me when the next Irish dance camp is, how cool is that? She can't wait for the next one. She loves Irish dancing for sure, but she says her favorite part of Irish dance camp is the crafts. Miss Christina is definitely the craft queen!"


Photo Aug 07, 5 35 20 PM.jpg


Copy of Untitled.PNG

20+ Years as Camp Counselors

Christina and Victoria have spent years cultivating their skills working with kids of all ages in multiple activities and are extremely passionate about providing a safe and incredibly fun summer camp experience at OIDA! They are highly qualified and seasoned instructors that have extensive training and experience working with young kids, particularly in summer camp settings.


Christina and Victoria are extremely grateful to have a combined 16 years of experience working as Camp Counselors at the most-popular and longest-running international Irish Dance Summer Camp in the world - Camp Rince Ceol! The founders of CRC, Sheila and Tony, were original cast members of the show Riverdance who went on to start the first ever sleep-away summer camp for Irish dancers, now 25 years running. Christina and Victoria were both fortunate to get to work and learn at all three of their camp locations - New York, California, and Indiana. In her final years working at CRC, Victoria was hired to be the Head Counselor of their Indiana location! Her job was to help oversee the entire camp, train and manage the team of counselors, keep everything running safe and smooth through the week, and make sure that each of the kids had the absolute best camp experience. With over 100 campers attending CRC each session, Christina and Victoria gained priceless experience over the years that gave them so much insight and guidance for the unique Summer Irish Dance Day Camps held at Oregon Irish Dance Academy today!

In addition, Christina and Victoria both worked for many years as gymnastics coaches and summer camp counselors at The Children's Gym before starting Oregon Irish Dance Academy. TCG has been providing high-quality classes, camps, and services for over 40 years and is Portland's leading facility for children's fitness activities. We love holding our dance camps at TCG!

You can learn more about all of our teachers here!

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