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See firsthand why our program is the right choice for you!

We believe our program has something for everyone, and we want you to be confident in that as well. All prospective students ages 5-12 get a free trial class in one of our Beginner/Intermediate classes held at our Portland location, The Children's Gym.


All new students who sign up within a week of their free trial class get our New Student Special Offer, where you get half off your first four weeks of classes, plus we waive your annual registration fee (usually $58). That means you can do your first month of classes for $64.


Click the button, then you can then click "Enroll" next to the class you want to attend. When completing the registration form, make sure to select the "Yes" dropdown next to the box that reads "I would like to Trial this class." We will get notified when your registration is complete, and we will send you a confirmation email that will include all necessary class info. Note that no tuition or fees will be charged to your card (should you choose to enter one) when enrolling for a trial class, not at that time and not later - your free trial class is always free, regardless of enrollment!

If You Are Enrolling Multiple Dancers

The software will not let you enroll two dancers with the "Trial" option, so enroll your second dancer in the class and "checkout" in the software like you're enrolling. That will save the spot. Then just send us an email at to let us know that that dancer is also supposed to be a trial class. We will edit their enrollment accordingly, deleting any tuition fees that post. Your card will not be charged even if the software posts tuition fees to your account. We have to process all cards on our end, so no charges take place without us approving them.

Waiting Lists

Should the class you wish to do your trial in be full, you are welcome to click "Wait List" and create an account so that you will be contacted as soon as a spot in the class becomes available. Free trial classes will be available throughout the entire season as openings allow. You don't commit to anything by being on the waiting list - it just means that you get offered a spot when one is available. You are welcome to decline the spot and stay on the waiting list or switch waiting lists as your schedule changes.


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