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Building confidence and self-esteem through performance!

We love to perform! Students are never pressured or required to perform at OIDA, but for those who are interested in performance Irish Dance, we are happy to offer our Performance Team program! When the dance instructors feel a dancer has the appropriate mentality and has learned enough dance moves and patterns, that dancer will be invited to join the Performance Team. Performance Team dancers take two classes per week, their Performance Team class and their Level Class. They continue to progress their individual level patterns in their Level Class, and they learn group performance routines in their Performance Team class. Performance Team dancers are required to have Irish light shoes, Irish heavy shoes, and white bubble socks, and Team dancers also receive a team bag and performance outfit. Team classes run year-round, with performance opportunities throughout the season, including concerts, parades, community events, recitals, and more!


Our dancers love opportunities to perform!

OIDA Performs On KGW News

In March 2019, KGW News asked us to perform on their show for St. Patrick's Day! We had four of our beginner dancers (just 5, 6, & 7 years old) to come on the show, and they did such a great job! They even taught Cassidy a bit of dancing! Check it out...

FOX Sports Commercial With Tobin Heath

Our instructors also perform professionally! In 2019, Miss Victoria was selected to dance in a national commercial by FOX Sports highlighting U.S. Women's National Soccer Team member, Tobin Heath. The commercial aired on national television ahead of the World Cup games, which the U.S. Team went on to win! We love that Irish dancing was able to represented in something so large scale, and we love the message in the video even more! Check it out...

OIDA Featured In An Official Music Video

In December 2016, OIDA's Performance Team was asked to perform with The Gothard Sisters, a world-renowned Irish music and dance group from Washington, at The Old Church Concert Hall in downtown Portland. Our Performance Team performed to the song "Christmas Flower" on stage in front of a sold-out show of nearly 200 people, and The Gothard Sisters later released their official music video featuring our Team as well as a team from Washington. Check it out!

Visit The Gothard Sisters' official website at!

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